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TRUE P-90 for humbucker cavity
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Middle and neck = P90 HB size
Bridge = True P90 for HB cavity


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  I repair all kind of pickups see my facebook for detail.

You can describe me the tone you are looking for and I will return to you with suggestions.

I can also make custom pickups to your own design.  The only limit is the cover.

All listed prices are in Canadian dollar, all tax included.
For order please contact me first via email order

Humbucker $100 + $10 nickel-silver and $5 for plastic EMG style cover
HB 7 strings $120
Mini Humbucker open-coil $100 + $10 for nickel-silver cover
Strat $67
P-Strat $75
Strat HB size $70
Tele neck $70 + $7 nickel-silver cover
Tele bridge $70 baseplate steel-nickel or vintage steel-copper plated
P-Tele $75
Tele bridge format HB $70
P90 $80
P90 format HB open coil $80
TRUE P90 with custom pickup ring, open coil that fit in a humbucker cavity $95
Jazzbass 4 strings $72
Jazzbass 5 strings $76
Jazzbass 6 strings $80
Pbass 4 strings $80


Pickup question?


Lauzon LHB Humbucker

Lauzon Humbucker

With or without cover
Custom string spacing (without cover)
Nickel silver baseplate or fibre baseplate
AlNiCo - II - V and ceramic magnet



StratocasterTMstandard ou a la P90 LSC

Stratoaster pickupTM
Hand wound
Magnet wire: vintage 50' Formvar, vintage CBS PE (plain enamel) modern SPN
Magnet: AlNiCo II, III and V
Cover: white, black or cream
Vulcanized fibre gray or black



TelecasterTM LTC

Telecaster pickupTM
Magnet wire: Formvar, PE (plain enamel) and modern SPN
Magnet: AlNiCo II, III ou V



P-90TM LSB Soap Bar où LDE Dog Ear

Lauzon fibre bobbin
Magnet AlNiCo II ou V Cover: cream or black - Soap Bar or Dog Ear


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